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See what other people are saying about our Loretto Heights apartments! At Loretto Heights Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I'd like to start off that I was looking for an apartment in a time crunch. I had 72 hours to move, I called Loretto Heights and Jen was prompt to assist and scheduled a time for me to come in and take a look at the apartment homes. When I came in Matt was nothing less than FANTASTIC in helping me find the perfect unit at the perfect price for me. He even called around to local sister properties to check and see what they had. We got all the paperwork done and I was able to move into a CLEAN AND BEAUTIFUL apartment home the next day. It was such a blessing in a stressful time and i was so worried i was going to be without a home and the management here stepped in and took excellent care of me and everything was so perfect. This is a wonderful place to live and the management is even better. They are genuine people that take care of people. LEASE WITH LORETTO!!!! DO IT! TODAY!



I love how many amenities there are here... dog wash, yoga studio, fitness center, dog park, sports court, and more. The trail access is nice too. The manager is very friendly as well!



New management has made this a better place. Would renew my lease but switch units due to no parking by our building.


We lived here for two years,recently moved out in May.. had minor issues concerning neighbors below us but Claudine was always helpful in that area. The only things we hated while living here were parking, Monday through Thursday's which we made sure we were home and staying put by no later than 7pm.saturdays were never an issue cuz everyone was out partying lol.sundays we had to make sure we were home by 3 pm other wise there were no parking what so ever. And we only had one car! We never parked near the yellow lines,was always afraid to what might happen to our vehicle. They have a cam fee that they fail to tell you about,that you pay monthly with your utility bill.That money goes to picking up trash, mowing the lawn,shoveling snow,laying salt down etc. basically all the tenants are paying for Loretto heights image . We also hated that as the months went on, the utility bill went up. Summer is always the worst with utilities because of so much water being used with the pools.our last months utility was the highest we had ever seen since being there. Luckily we cleaned the place up real good! We didn't owe nothing but got a small check back .if you know anyone who does carpet cleaning, I would advise you to get them to do your carpet when u move out.note: make sure u get a receipt, Loretto heights will want that for records.also make sure when u move out, that u clean the place so good that there is No body hair left behind, your place basically needs to be " immaculate" so to speak.i know crazy! Keep in mind they charge for almost anything broken when u move out. And one more thing! Make sure you patch up your nail holes from any pictures/home decor,that'll save you some cash also. Anyhow I hope this helps someone out.over all it was an okay stay.management was okay, Maintenance was okay as well. But for the most part the PARKING issue definitely needs work,or Loretto heights is going to start losing not only tenants but money as well.


For the most part living here is not bad the manager Claudine is the best very helpful nice and always going above and beyond for every one some of the residents are not very respectful around here and make it hard for the other people but what do u do



Thank you Claudine Devenney for you help you so nice person always happy


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